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Rundreise zum inklusiven Arbeitsmarkt

Round trip to the inclusion labor market

MdB Dr. Tanja Machalet, Member of the German Parliament and member of the Committee for Labor and Social Affairs, visited with a delegation on 06/03/2023 the WWL Westerwaldlogistik® GmbH. The Senior Citizens' and Disabled People's Council of Südlicher Westerwald (SBR-SÜW) had invited to this event. "Trip participants" were a dozen selected experts on disability and the labor market. Together they experienced a deep insight into practice at 5 stations in the Westerwald. More infos
Mercedes Sprinter Ausmusterung

Change in the fleet

We say goodbye to four deserving Sprinters to the second use, together they have done 2,038,085 km without failure or major problems! Thank you and respect for the impressive performance of drivers and vehicles!

Addition to the fleet

Renault Master Renault Master
Newly added are two more Renault Master with furniture box body, again in Mecklenburg design, so that now a total of three Renault Master strengthen our fleet.

Safety even in winter

From now on, heavy snowfalls can no longer endanger our safety and that of other road users by ice and snow boards falling from box bodies. On the premises of the Körting Group, our professional drivers can use an ice clearing scaffold to safely remove any snow that may have fallen overnight from the vehicle roofs before driving off.

Participation in the "Green Wave" contest

Grüne Welle Stand Grüne Welle Stand Grüne Welle Teilnahmeurkunde
The WWL Westerwaldlogistik GmbH has participated in the contest "Green Wave" of the Economic Development Corporation Westerwaldkreis mbH. The aim of the event is to make visible good examples of sustainability that invite imitation. Companies, administrations, banks as well as institutions from the fields of education, research, health and social affairs with headquarters or branch offices in the Westerwald district were awarded.

More infos: https://www.wfg-ww.de/gruene-welle-projekte/

Emergency operation for Orben water treatment

Order Orben water treatment On behalf of the company Orben Wasseraufbereitung GmbH & CO. KG, WWL Westerwaldlogistik GmbH supplied equipment and consumables for a mobile water treatment plant with a capacity of 120m³ of ultrapure water per hour to secure the continued operation of an electricity power plant in Mannheim as part of a time-critical emergency operation. Ultrapure water is required in large quantities for the trouble-free operation of steam turbines in power plants. Being in the right place at the right time for customers is our maxim.

News from the fleet

Recently put into service: Renault Master with 20m³ lightweight furniture case, efficient, shapely and with a special outfit. In cooperation with our long-standing insurance partner Ingo Heinz, we implemented a sympathetic advertising concept on the rear of the vehicle, which now draws attention to the Mecklenburg Insurence Group family provision concepts on the streets of our service area. Many thanks also to Siebdruck Hastrich for the professional vehicle lettering in best quality!

Safety at work and on the road

In order to ensure safety and emergency management at work and on the road at all times, 12 employees and the management completed a training course for first aiders under the leadership of Maik Sauerwein (NCCR StEx) on May 21, 2022. We would like to thank our employees for their great performance and commitment during the training as well as Maik Sauerwein for the exciting and entertaining presentation of life-saving measures. We've learned a lot and hope we'll never have to apply our knowledge, but if, we'll do it! Due the over-mandatory number of company first aiders, we feel well equipped for emergencies in any case.

Sustainability in the fleet

Kilometerstand Sprinter Wartung Sprinter Sustainability is very important to us in the vehicle fleet. It starts with acquiring high-quality vehicles and deploying them with continuously, professional maintance — as far as it is economically justifiable. The greatest CO2 emissions occur during the production of a vehicle. It is therefore consequent to use valuable resources over a long period of time. We would especially like to thank our mechanic Jörg for the professional support of the 5ton Sprinter over 500,000 trouble-free kilometers! Due to its good substance, the Sprinter will remain in the fleet. We will report future mileage "milestones" here.
Reber swap body

Complex solutions for demanding customers

E.g. for Reber Logistik out of Germersheim.

Requirement: Building-related, ground-level loading of BDF swap bodies with disassembled bedroom furniture.

Working resources: Ground-level loading of BDF swap bodies from WWL Westerwaldlogistik, Kamag Wiesel swap body transfer unit and a combi lift from Reber Logistik.

Transport storage place - shipping area: The Kamag Wiesel moves fast the swap bodies, efficient and without large personal amount from parking area to shipping area.

Putting down the swap bodies:
1. Hanging the support chains
Reber - swap body - hnging the support chains
2. Lifting the swap body and folding in the parking supports
Reber - swap body - lifting the swap body
3. Lowering, unhooking the support chains, ready, loading can begin!

Reber - swap body - lowering - unhooking the support chains

New Trunk swaps

Picked up in Brüggen near Herzlake and put into service: Two additional BDF trunk swaps in known KRONE Quality to ensure safe and careful transport of your freight!
KRONE BDF WechselbrückenKRONE BDF WechselbrückenKRONE BDF Wechselbrücken
Erhöhung des Dieselzuschlags

Diesel surcharge

Due current fuel prices, we have to add a temporary diesel surcharge of 4.5% to our regular freight prices. We ask for your understanding and monitor developments closely to revise the surcharge as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!
3. Platz Landespreis für beispielhafte Beschäftigung schwerbehinderter Menschen

Third place at the regional award of the LSJV

The WWL Westerwaldlogistik® GmbH has won the 3. place at the regional award for exemplary employment of severely disabled people. Social Affairs Minister Alexander Schweitzer and LSJV Vice Michael Scharping honored the winners at a ceremony.
More Infos

Our furniture trucks in the weight classes 3.5t, 5t, 7.5t and 40t, also with lifting platform, can carry out all transport tasks assigned to us with high quality and flexibility. Regular driver training reduces the power fuel consumption, wear and tear and increases the traffic safety.

Mercedes Actros 2548 MP5
With the latest truck generation from Mercedes, equipped with the most secure and comfortable components, we give our Service drivers optimizely conditions for a save and relax work day.

Mercedes Sprinter:
The expansion of the fleet with 3.5t and 5.0t Mercedes Sprinters enables the efficient and environmentally friendly transport of new furniture, even in shipment sizes. Thanks to full-fledged furniture case superstructures in the high quality we are used to!

Tang Ultralight:
Tang ultralight volume trailer for effective transports of mattresses.