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Prevention the third, this time occupational health and safety!

After the first aider and fire protection aider training, another in-house training on occupational health and safety took place on 08.07.2023, again with speaker Thomas Wolf. Helpful tips on topics such as occupational health care, classification and control of workload and stress, as well as being healthy - staying fit, found an attentive audience among the staff of WWL Westerwaldlogistik. With the now completed training series with a focus on safety and prevention at the workplace and on the road, we have given our employees valuable knowledge with which they can organise their everyday working life as well as their leisure time in a safe and healthy way. We would like to thank Thomas Wolf once again for his efforts and the participants for their interest!

Full commitment to fire protection!

Brandschutzschulung Seminar Brandschutzschulung
Teilnahmeurkunde Brandschutzhelfer
On 17.06.2023, 19 employees of WWL Westerwaldlogistik were able to learn impressively about the dangers of fires in theory and practice. Following the theoretical knowledge, demonstrations and exercises were used to put what had been learned directly into practice. Many thanks to Thomas Schwarz for the impressive and instructive moments and to all participants, who are now trained fire protection assistants who can fight fires in an emergency in a prudent, targeted and effective manner.

Participation in the "Green Wave" contest

Grüne Welle Stand Grüne Welle Stand
Grüne Welle Teilnahmeurkunde
The WWL Westerwaldlogistik GmbH has participated in the contest "Green Wave" of the Economic Development Corporation Westerwaldkreis mbH. The aim of the event is to make visible good examples of sustainability that invite imitation. Companies, administrations, banks as well as institutions from the fields of education, research, health and social affairs with headquarters or branch offices in the Westerwald district were awarded.

More infos: https://www.wfg-ww.de/gruene-welle-projekte/
3. Platz Landespreis für beispielhafte Beschäftigung schwerbehinderter Menschen

Third place at the regional award of the LSJV

The WWL Westerwaldlogistik
® GmbH has won the 3. place at the regional award for exemplary employment of severely disabled people. Social Affairs Minister Alexander Schweitzer and LSJV Vice Michael Scharping honored the winners at a ceremony.
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